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Welcome to the Mytho Aid website that is all about giving assitance to Mythodreas members.

Here you will find various information about html coding, helpful information, and etc. The Mytho Aid and the Mythodreas Staff hope that this site will be of help to you! Of course Mytho Aid encourages members of Mythodreas to, by all means, ask the Staff of Mytho questions at any time.

If you wish to join, please register with your Mythos username.

Information about our pages here are down below:

  • About Mythodreas: Present staff, history of Mythodreas, Registration Requirements, Applying for Staff, and etc.
  • News: Updates on pages here and specific news on Mythodreas such as new features and the like will be annouanced.
  • Kiosk: Quick descriptions of helpful places for any new user to wander in (i.e. Food Pantry, Random ZP Game, Starting a Shop, etc.)
  • Mythopedia: Basic information on the Fetch (petpals), your Creatures, ZP, and etc.
  • Resources: (Note: You must be a member of Mythodreas and be logged in to be properly directed to the links) Helpful and informative links about Mythodreas. Contains links to other sites that Mythodreas has taken a part in such as deviantART, Twitter, Tumblr, Wikia, etc.
  • HTML: A basic guide for Mythodreas html coding, beginner version.
  • More--
  • Forums: General talk amongst members on this site.
  • Feature: Where we do features for Members, Administrator, Club, Newbie(s), and Shops.

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